Our Dr. Rhonda

Transcendent ChiropracticBorn and raised in New England, Dr. Rhonda Sturgeon went to undergraduate school at University of Maine and received a B.S. in Kinesiology. She continued her studies at Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri. Upon uprooting from New England, her practice blossomed in her new found home of Colorado for nine years. Currently residing in Tucson, Arizona, she practices her special gifts of non-force chiropractic. She is remarkably intuitive and finds joy in helping people heal naturally, from the inside out, the way the body is best designed to heal.

It is Dr. Sturgeon’s intention to help people transcend their suffering to experience well being through Chiropractic care. For this to occur, patients undergo a transformation process that helps them reconnect to their own innate healing powers. She has received several years of Chiropractic care herself, seeing firsthand the tremendous results in the body that removing pressure and stress from the nervous system yields.

Outside of the office Dr. Sturgeon participates in yoga, biking, hiking and simply enjoying the outdoors. She pursues a holistic lifestyle that is in alignment with her practice, serving all who experience her touch.